In Situ Energy uses Develco Products’ devices in their platform for sharing green energy


January 5, 2017

With the increasing focus on sustainable energy, In Situ Energy AG has invented a new smart platform for sharing green energy between people in a network. To be able to increase time to market and quickly effectuate the project, In Situ Energy chose to use Develco Products’ devices in their solution.

Enabling customers to share and control energy

The platform that enables customers to share and keep track on energy usage is called Change38. The customers are provided with a wireless interface to install on their energy meters, smart plugs to control the energy usage in their homes, and a central gateway that facilitates communication between the meters and the smart plugs. Via the Change38 app, customers are able to keep track on the green energy that is produced by their own solar cells, windmills etc., and importantly, share the energy with their neighbors when they have produced more than they can consume.

Flexible and scalable platform

In Situ wished for a fast entry on the market and by engaging in collaboration with Develco Products, the time from idea to market launch was remarkably shortened. Change38 is now on the market in Switzerland, and due to the very flexible and scalable platform, In Situ Energy is able to expand their project to limitless markets.
CEO in In Situ Energy, Robert Bühler says: “The solution we have chosen is flexible, which is a great advantage as it gives us the possibility of expanding the project in the future.

Click here to read the case story about In Situ Energy and Change38.

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