eSmart establishes smart grid system in Norway using Develco Products’ devices


March 29, 2017

All around the world, the energy consumption is increasingly putting pressure on existing grids. In Norway, the software company eSmart is taking up the battle, and together with Fredrikstad Energi and NXTech they have established the initiative E2U that provides energy companies with smart grid solutions. Norway is the first country in the world to implement a smart grid system, which reduces pressure on the energy stream. 

A better energy flow

The smart grid solution allows energy companies to move their customers’ energy consumption from time intervals with high pressure on the grid to intervals with lower pressure. This ensures a better flow and a more stable energy stream. What is more, Norway avoids having to install new larger energy cables in all of the country, which would be extremely costly.

Develco Products devices in the solution

The smart grid solution consists of a range of smart energy and smart home devices such as smart meters, smart plugs and sensors which Develco Products provides. Our hub, the Squid.Link Gateway, forms the heart of the solution, connecting all wireless devices and enabling customers and energy providers to manage and control energy consumption. The smart grid system is already connecting thousands of Norwegian households, and ambitions are to expand to new markets in the future. 

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