Have a market-ready, customized IoT solution in spring 2018


December 6, 2017 

When developing an IoT solution, you have the option to build the entire solution from scratch. Since you have to develop both the hardware and software yourself, the process will likely drag out. Another option is to compromise the flexibility and buy an existing solution. This solution, however, cannot be tailored according to the needs of your business or customers.

With white label products, you have the possibility to get a customized IoT solution without spending years and years on product development. Since the white label products are deployment-ready when you buy them, you will only have to focus on developing the application for your solution. In this way, you will be ready to launch your solution in just a few months.

Avoid product development

Develco Products has developed a range of white label products, including gateways, sensors, alarms, smart plugs, and meter interfaces. The products offer endless opportunities as they can easily be integrated into different solutions across industries. With the ready-to-use products, you will not have to do any product development yourself. The packaging allows you to add your brand colors, logo, slogans, etc., and you can include your logo and company name on the product labels, meaning that the products will appear as your own.

Our high-quality products with your brand

With the white label products, you will be able to launch your IoT solution in no time. We have spent the past 10 years developing and testing the products to save your company the time and money required to enter the IoT market. With more than one million products deployed, the products have also been validated by real end-users.

Learn more about the products here.

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