Insights from an ethical hacker at E-16


September 6, 2016

Denmark’s largest electronic event and conference E-16 has just begun. During this week a variety of speakers will give insights into IoT and smart technologies. At Develco Products, we are especially looking forward to meet the speaker László Erdődi who is a certified ethical hacker.

Expert in the field

An important concern with the rise of the smart technology industry is how to effectively protect systems against hacking attacks. The Hungarian born László Erdődi is a qualified expert in the field. He has a PhD in Computer Security and currently, he works as a researcher at University of Agder in Norway together with being a senior instructor of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) courses. Erdődi will present effective methods of how to protect systems against damaging attacks by taking on the mindset of a hacker.

Ethical hacker at the research project SEMIAH

Besides being a senior instructor at CEH and doing research at University of Agder, László Erdődi also works on the research project SEMIAH, where Develco Products is a part of the consortium. In SEMIAH, Erdődi takes part in the development of the security against cyber-attacks as well as crucial privacy protection by implementing software, hardware, communication protocols, and data handling that ensures a safe and professional cyberspace platform.

We hope to see you at this exciting conference at E-16 on Wednesday the 7th of September.


Get more information on SEMIAH here

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