Develco Products now has 24 ZigBee certified products

September 13, 2016

At Develco Products, we are proud to announce that we now have no less than 24 ZigBee certified home automation and smart energy products in our portfolio.

Our two new versions of the intelligent Smart Plug Mini have achieved the ZigBee certification; the Smart Plug Mini in a French and a Danish version. By achieving this certification, we can guarantee our customers that our products live up to very high standards.

Open standards

The reasons for certifying our home automation and smart home devices with these particular standards, are the excellent features of the program. By using ZigBee standardized products in a wireless solution, our customers can easily integrate a range of ZigBee products with any other certified product. The open standards make it extremely easy for our customers to create their own tailored solution.

Reliability and low power consumption

The wireless technology is also incredibly reliable, which is crucial for our customers. If one product in a solution fails to operate, the rest of the products within the system will continue to communicate data without any interruption. Another important feature of the ZigBee wireless technology is the low power consumption. Devices using ZigBee have a very long lifetime, and end-users do not need to be concerned about their products running low on battery.

We are proud to be a part of the ZigBee Alliance, and we look forward to extend our range of ZigBee certified products in the future.



Get more information about ZigBee here

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