Develco Products launches the Humidity Sensor


September 15, 2016

Today, we have the great pleasure of launching the Humidity Sensor, which is our latest product in our range of innovative IoT devices. The Humidity Sensor will help people improve indoor climate and protect their properties from costly damages.

Manage indoor climate through an app

The Humidity Sensor is embedded with technology that will allow end-users to keep track of indoor climate by getting regular readings sent from the sensor to for example an app. This makes it possible for users to control the humidity level and temperature from distance, as well as monitor several households or institutions from one central point. The humidity sensor is easily connected with other existing devices in smart home solutions. A ventilation system, thermostat or air-condition can automatically be activated by the humidity sensor, which will immediately improve the indoor climate and prevent people from being ill and properties from being damaged.

Integrated ZigBee technology

The Humidity Sensor is provided with the wireless technology ZigBee, which is known for its reliability, durability, long range, and great possibilities of integration with other products. The Humidity Sensor will take part of our existing range of smart home and smart city devices using ZigBee, which is a fast growing and excellent wireless standard. We are confident that the Humidity Sensor will become a useful device in future smart homes, smart cities, and health care solutions creating the foundation for healthy and safe indoor climates.

See more about the humidity sensor here




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