Prosumer Meter in the running for prestigious award


November 3, 2016

At Develco Products, we are proud to announce that our Prosumer Meter has been shortlisted for an award at European Utility Industry Awards (EUIA) hosted at European Utility Week. The prestigious EUIA recognizes projects within six different categories that show outstanding accomplishments towards a sustainable energy sector.

The Prosumer Meter has been shortlisted for an award in the category Energy Management, which seeks to reward a project with a significant role in the sustainable management of energy.

Bringing intelligence and optimization to solar energy

Our Prosumer Meter fits this criterion by bringing intelligence and optimization to solar energy. The Prosumer Meter allows households with a photovoltaic (PV) system to assess real-time measurements of the percentage of energy consumed coming from their own photovoltaics.

Through these measurements, the Prosumer Meter enables users to manage their solar energy usage and reduce their consumption of energy from the connected grid. In this way, users can save money by moving their energy consumption to time intervals with a high production from their own PV system.
Learn more details about the Prosumer Meter

The announcement of the award winner takes place at a ceremony held on the opening evening of European Utility Week (15 November) in Barcelona, Spain.

More information about the Prosumer Meter is available here

Learn more in the Prosumer Meter video


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