Develco Products takes part in a new project – FRESH


February 8, 2016

Every year there is an enormous waste of fruit and vegetable. This comes both from production, transport, storage and retail and it leads to a loss of more than 620,000 tons of produce. In Denmark alone the waste amount is more than DKK 3 billions. Develco Products wishes to reduce it by being a driver in the development of the sensor control systems in the FRESH project.

The project aims at lessening exposure of ethylene, which contributes to a huge spoilage of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, as well as strengthening the ability of export businesses to deliver fresh products of highest quality.

Reducing exposure to ethylene

By actively reducing exposure to ethylene, a large amount of food spoilage could be avoided. A collaboration between Blue Ocean Robotics, Aalborg University, Develco Products, Danish Technological Institute, Gartneriet PKM, Alex Andersen Ølund, Aarstiderne and Dansk Supermarked has been established with the aim to develop a solution that enables efficient monitoring and control of ethylene levels during production, transport, storage and retail of fruit, vegetables and flowers. The developed solution will contribute to a significant reduction in fresh produce spoilage.

Integrating the developed air-cleaning system with a network of modern ethylene sensors and other air quality sensors will enable improved monitoring and control of ethylene levels. Develco Products will contribute by being a driver in the development of the sensor control systems.

Read more about FRESH in our Research Projects section.


Make sure you will read FRESH's press release too!



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