Large-scale test at the Grundfos Dormitory


21. sep 2014

The newly opened 12-storey Grundfos Dormitory in the Danish city of Aarhus is home to more than 200 students – and it is also a living laboratory and test bed for more than 1,800 sensors that will provide unique knowledge about how to optimise and minimise water and energy consumption. Develco Products provides gateways, sensors, smart plugs, and meter interfaces for the building.

Taken into use in the autumn of 2012, the Grundfos Dormitory is designed to engage residents through the use of technology.

The many sensors throughout the building monitor all aspects of building performance around the clock, including indoor climate and energy consumption, providing a detailed and continuous analysis of all aspects of the building and its operation. The information gathered will then be used to motivate and engage the residents in minimising consumption while working towards continuous energy optimisation.

Develco Products provides gateways for data collection and ZigBee network management. Develco Products also delivers interfaces for electricity meters, smart plugs, and sensors for presence, temperature, light, and the status of windows/doors.

These data constitute the basis for resource optimisation and, in particular, user behaviour and how to influence and motivate users to save resources and reduce energy consumption.

For further information on the Grundfos Dormitory, please visit their website

Learn more about the research project here

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