How to outpace your competitors in the IoT race

As more and more businesses are entering the IoT industry to gain a competitive advantage, it is crucial to be the first to meet the customers’ needs with an IoT solution. By using a white label hardware platform, it is possible to outpace your competitors without compromising the needs of your customers or your business. You can avoid spending time on product development and have a complete solution with your own brand in just a few months.

Speed up the process with deployment-ready hardware

With a white label hardware platform, it is not necessary to spend years and years on developing the products as this work has already been done. Instead, you or a cloud partner can start developing the software for your solution right away. This way, you can focus on your core competencies, and the amount of time needed to have a complete IoT solution is shortened tremendously. To make sure that the solution appears as your own, the products come without branding and allow you to add your own visual identity.

Take the fast lane

At Develco Products, we have spent the past 10 years developing and certifying our white label hardware platform, enabling you to have a complete IoT solution in just a few months. The platform includes a wide range of products such as gateways, sensors and alarms, smart plugs and meter interfaces. All the products have been thoroughly tested and validated by end-users, meaning that you do not have to spend time on the product development. Instead, you can place your company in the fast lane right away and offer your customers a complete IoT solution before your competitors.

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