How can the IoT improve healthcare in the public sector?

Our changing world presents new challenges for governments across the globe. Among the challenges are maintaining citizens’ well-being and quality of life despite population aging and widespread threats to their health while limiting healthcare costs. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers numerous solutions to the challenges, and it is time for the public sector to embrace the technology and reap its benefits.

IoT devices increase efficiency

The IoT connects objects to the internet via embedded devices enabling wireless communication. In the public sector, the IoT makes it possible to increase the efficiency of current processes in a wide range of areas. Among these is healthcare, where the IoT offers several advantages. IoT devices, such as wearables measuring health conditions, sensors monitoring patients, and medical devices automating the supply of medicine provide valuable data. By collecting and evaluating the data from the IoT devices, public sectors can respond quickly and with greater accuracy and efficiency to the citizens in need. With the increased efficiency, the IoT offers the potential of lowering healthcare costs.

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The right solution to the specific challenges

It requires the right product platform to collect the essential data and make them available for evaluation. In order to solve the specific challenges encountered in the public sector, the right devices need to be integrated into the solution. Another vital factor is how easy the devices are to install and maintain for the healthcare personnel and citizens.

The white label product platform offered by Develco Products includes a wide range of IoT devices ranging from gateways to sensors, alarms, smart plugs, and smart relays, which are all easy to install and allow over-the-air updates to minimize maintenance. As the heart of a healthcare solution, the Squid.link Gateway offers a range of benefits. Due to its multiprotocol functionality, the gateway is capable of collecting data from the range of Zigbee devices offered by Develco Products but also from products provided by other vendors and products communicating via other wireless technologies. The gateway is a mature, market-ready product that offers a high level of flexibility, allowing governments to provide the solutions needed to solve the healthcare challenges they are facing.

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