Healthcare: Why we urgently need to implement tomorrow’s technology today

Worldwide changes in demography are causing an increase in the elder population and in patients with special care needs. According to The World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘Global health and aging’ report, is the number of people aged 65 and above projected to roughly triple, from 524 million in 2010 to almost 1,5 billion in 2050. This will have considerable socioeconomic consequences for societies around the world.
In 2050, the average age is predicted to increase from 39 to 49 years, as persons aged 65 and above will make up almost 17% of the global population. Combined with a projected global decline in the working-age population, this means that in the coming years a lot fewer people will have to support an elderly population that is more than twice the size of today’s.

Adverse consequences

Unfortunately, these changes in demography present an overwhelming challenge to the global healthcare industry. Diseases, such as dementia, that are connected to old age will further increase the burden on global healthcare systems as the average age increases. The WHO report states that: “The risk of dementia increases sharply with age and, unless new strategies for prevention and management are developed, this syndrome is expected to place growing demands on health and long-term care providers as the world’s population ages”.

IoT: the future of healthcare

As a whole, the healthcare industry has traditionally been characterized by manual processes and close monitoring of patients. However, in order to counter the aging population, the healthcare industry must become as efficient as possible, while still maintaining a high quality of care. Fortunately, Internet of Things and assisted living technology show great potential as aids in overcoming these challenges. This is because effective healthcare greatly depends upon speed and accuracy – which are some of the main strengths of IoT technology.

To realize the full potential of IoT technology, systems must employ stable state-of-the-art IoT devices. Develco Products offers high-quality devices well suited for any healthcare solution.

Learn more about how IoT technology can help the tremendous challenges facing the healthcare industry, here.

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