A European research project envisioning implementing smart metering solutions in 200.000 European homes.



SEMIAH – Scalable Energy Management Infrastructure for Aggregation of Households – is a project funded and administrated by the European Union. SEIMAH aims at establishing a communications infrastructure between households, to enable an automated shift in energy consumption, from high energy-consuming loads to off-peak periods, lessening the environmental impact as well as improving financial savings for households.

Europe’s largest smart grid project

SEMIAH was started in March 2014, and has a funding of more than 28 million DKK. The project is a collaborative venture between 12 industry leaders in energy and communications technology. SEMIAH is planned to be rolled out in 200.000 European households, with a goal of shifting 90GWh/year from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, by leveling consumption between off-peak and high-load intervals.

Develco Products in SEMIAH

Develco Products helps bring SEMIAH to life, by providing the front-end hardware necessary to establishing the communication grid; gateways, smart plugs and more. Develco Products also contributes with our expertise in technical design and system specifications in relation to front-end requirements. Finally, Develco Products is involved in the actual system integration and functionality testing prior to large-scale implementation.


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