See how Hafslund offers home automation starter kits from Develco Products to their customers.

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Hafslund is a Norwegian electricity supplier. Amongst its services, they offer a power consumption monitoring solution called Link. Link is a subscription-based service and is powered by devices from Develco Products.

The concept of Link is simple: to allow the homeowner to easily monitor household power usage, in order to reduce energy consumption. Link is a package solution, in which the household receives an external meter interface and a Squid.link Gateway, supplied by Develco Products. Hafslund has developed a smartphone app, which is connected to the Squid.link gateway, and clearly visualizes power usage through a live feed.

This provides Hafslund’s customers with a simple, quick setup that will allow them to keep up with their power usage, helping households save energy and money.

From simple setups to comprehensive solutions

The setup of Link enables Hafslund to easily increase the functionality of the package solution. According to customer needs, Hafslund can provide more extensive home automation solutions, by building upon the Link starter kit.

With the Squid.link Gateway, the home automation system can quickly be expanded with other devices, regardless of manufacturer; motion sensors, smoke sensors, air quality sensors camera surveillance, temperature control and more. This increases the potential of the Link-subscription, and allows customers to customize their Link package, to suit their individual needs.

Expand your existing solution or get a complete ready-to-use IoT platform.

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