Improved care for elderly people.


Improved care for elderly people.

The Danish company ANYgroup came to Develco Products as they were interested in our wireless Zigbee certified sensors. They wanted our products to extend and strengthen their current portfolio of wireless devices for intelligent control and monitoring systems.

Why Develco Products?

IntelligentCARE by ANYgroup had an existing system of wireless access control and monitoring for homes of elderly people and people needing assistance. However, they wanted their solution to include a broader variety of intelligent sensors, which could add extra safety for the end-users. ANYgroup was searching the market for possibilities and they chose Develco Products to be their provider and collaboration partner.

Henrik Klode, CEO at ANYgroup
We were searching the market for the right collaboration partner for our company, and we chose Develco Products because we had a really good and professional dialogue with them from the beginning.
Henrik Klode, CEO at ANYgroup

Easy integration of Zigbee devices

IntelligentCARE by ANYgroup chose two of our sensors to form part of their current system – the Window Sensor and the Motion Sensor. Both products are recognized by their elegant and discrete design plus they are provided with reliable, battery optimized and secure Zigbee communication. The products were easy for ANYgroup to integrate into their existing solution as the sensors are based on open standards, which means they can be connected with other wireless units.

ANYgroup motion sensor

Unique possibilities of monitoring

By providing ANYgroup with our wireless Zigbee sensors, the company is now able to offer its customers unique possibilities of monitoring and taking care of the elderly and people needing extra assistance.
As an example, Develco Products’ sensors are used in solutions provided by ANYgroup to nursing homes. The sensors are used to support the nursing staff in giving elderly people the proper and necessary care on a daily basis. The sensors can be used to track activity, and if an elderly person falls, the nursing staff will be alerted about abnormal activity. With that knowledge, they are quickly able to provide help.

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A continuing relationship

ANYgroup is evolving as a company, and engaging in a partnership with Develco Products was a strategic decision. They keep expanding their markets and they will potentially need more wireless products in their portfolio in the future.

“ANYgroup is a fast-growing company, and we wish to continue and strengthen our partnership with Develco Products in the future.” – Henrik Klode, CEO in ANYgroup.

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