Strategic partnerships

We cooperate with some of Europe's leading institutions and organisations in advancing home automation technology.

Strategic partnerships

We cooperate with some of Europe's leading institutions and organisations in advancing home automation technology.


Through our partnership with GPV, Develco Products offers our customers large-scale manufacturing of customized orders at a competitive price, without compromises in neither quality nor environmental impact.

GPV is a one-stop-EMS-partner founded in 1966. They offer ultramodern EMS production in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and they serve some of the world’s most well-known electronics companies.

GPV acts as a professional and responsible partner in several ways. They comply with numerous quality management standards, including ISO 90001 and NATO security, and they have several certifications within workmanship, people, and the environment.

Learn more about GPV.

Zigbee Alliance

Zigbee Alliance

The wide-ranging, global Zigbee Alliance collaborates to develop universal open standards for wireless device-to-device communication for the IoT. The Zigbee Alliance was established in 2002, and, through its certified program, the alliance helps ensure interoperability between IoT devices.

Develco Products has been an influencing member of the Zigbee Alliance from the beginning. Zigbee is our flagship protocol, and we have an extensive portfolio of Zigbee certified products.

AWS for iot gateways


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers a large number of services across data centers distributed worldwide. AWS delivers cloud computing services to millions of customers across businesses and industries.

By integrating Develco Products’ wireless platform with the AWS cloud platform, solution providers get a high level of maturity, scalability, reliability, and security in their IoT solution. Startup and maintenance costs are kept down, and they can scale their solutions according to their needs.

Learn more about AWS.

Bosch Software Innovations

Bosch Software Innovations

Bosch Software Innovations offers a modular platform, which makes it easy for solution providers to add new functionalities to an IoT solution. Develco Products and Bosch Software Innovations' joint solution combines our white label IoT products with Bosch' ProSyst Gateway Software and Remote Manager.

Through our partnership with Bosch Software Innovations, Develco Products increases the products' interoperability, since our devices easily can be integrated into any solution.

Learn more about Bosch Software Innovations.

The Nabto plugin is supported by Develco Products Gateway


Nabto provides a plugin that enables a peer2peer connection to be established between IoT devices. The development of the distinctive peer2peer technology began in 2007 and since then the Danish company has experienced rapid growth.

The partnership with Nabto enables Develco Products to offer our customers the best interactive performance by allowing them to communicate directly with the gateway through the peer2peer connection.

Read more on the integration of Nabto with Develco Products.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors and chipsets. Founded in 1951, TI has more than 60 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronic systems.

Texas Instruments supply Develco Products with chipsets and wireless communication technology. They are a vital partner in keeping our devices updated in terms of the latest technology available.

NXP registered partner program


NXP, formerly Freescale, is one of the industry leaders in the production of embedded processing units. They supply the IoT-industry with RF and sensor technology.

NXP supplies Develco Products with wireless protocol processors to integrate into our devices. They are our primary supplier of Zigbee and Wireless M-Bus technology. Our partnership with NXP also allows us to incorporate their expertise on sensors in our home automation solutions. Their sensor end-point technology is implemented in our systems to give the end-user a more accurate reading in everything from motion to temperature, giving off more precise results and thus increased comfort and safety in the home.

Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs provides solutions, software, and tools for the IoT industry. Founded in 1996, Silicon Labs has its primary focus on a connected world.

Silicon Labs is supplying Develco Products with Zigbee Chipset of Stack, which we use in our devices.


Develco A/S

Develco A/S is a close cooperation partner. Develco develops parts of our hardware.

When a customer needs a solution to be customized, Develco A/S is sometimes involved in the effort to make sure that the package delivered reflects the demands of the client.

Customer-specific, high-quality, and futureproof solutions are the aim of this cooperation.

For further info on the difference between Develco and Develco Products, please see the Develco Products timeline.

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