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Project description

Moving towards energy efficiency

Solutions for optimal air conditioning of low energy houses

The project has undergone a comprehensive report material from the conduct of low-energy houses and from these developed an internal problem catalog detailing the problems that have been observed on indoor air quality and energy consumption in built low-energy houses.

The project has processed the experience from Danish super low-energy houses, including Comfort Houses in Vejle in order to identify emerging operational problems, including: small heating during cold periods, overheating during hot periods, greater power consumption than expected, complicated technical installations and faulty interaction between mechanical and natural ventilation.

The project aimed to analyze these problems by developing optimal climate control solutions and presenting these as guidelines for the industry. Moreover, the project aimed to proceed solutions by looking at the possibility of moving the electricity consumption of super low energy houses to the moment when it is attractive for the power system.



The project has resulted in the report "Super lavenergihuse - uden problemer. Klimaskærm, installationer og indeklima", which contains a number of recommendations towards proper design, dimensioning practices and how to avoid problems with indoor air quality and energy consumption.

Some of these directions were achieved by analysis of design practices in conjunction with detailed BSIM simulations for example indoor climate in selected rooms as well as energy consumption.

The results of the project will improve indoor air quality and thus faster optional shift to low energy houses as well as improve Danish competitiveness against foreign products.

Develco Products deliverables


Develco Products in Superlavenergihuse

Develco Products has primarily fulfilled the advisor role in the project.

Develco Products made sure that the system architecture fulfilled the requirements. Furthermore, the development of futureproof solutions was the point of rotation - we must do it right, this time. In this perspective, Develco Products acted as technical counsellor.




  • Aalborg University
  • Develco Products A/S
  • Mountain Architecture

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